1. Why should I join SCIMS academy as opposed to other institutions that offer coaching for IIT JEE / AIEEE?

    Please read the vision statement on why you should join our course. Also go through the sample lessons. We believe that it is one of the most reasonably priced coaching options, considering what we have to offer.

  2. You don’t have a history for producing results. Isn't there a risk in joining your course?

    There are three ingredients to a good result: intrinsic potential or capability of the student, willingness to work hard, and good teachers. Many reputed institutes conduct an entrance exam to identify and incentivize the best students to join them. We do not have the means or infrastructure to conduct elaborate selection exams. However, we believe that our course content compares favorably with the best. The bulk of the lessons in our course, have been prepared by the founder (S.Sivaram) who is an IIT and IISc alumnus, and is keen about giving quality education in science and mathematics.

    Also top institutes make their material unnecessarily complex, often going beyond the needs of IIT JEE, to ensure that their best students (who are naturally gifted) are able to tackle any question. Unfortunately, what is suitable for the top 100 rankers, can be complex and demotivating for the majority. We have avoided this pitfall by keeping our material understandable to the normal 'above average' student. However the most gifted students, will also find our material intellectually satisfying.

  3. What is the difference between reading books on my own, and joining your online coaching for IIT JEE?

    For a given subject, many books are available. Each differs on what topics are covered and how they are covered - e.g. one book may not cover a topic; or it may cover a topic by stating the main points, without logically developing the subject matter; or it may explain the topic well, but lack good numerical problems. To study on your own for JEE Main and Advanced, you have to read multiple books on each subject, and then assimilate the relevant information from each one. This is a time consuming and daunting task for a Class 11/12 student.

    Our online course exactly addresses the above issue. Read about our course features here to understand how.

  4. What is the difference between classroom coaching, and your online coaching?

    Many parents view a class room course as the best option for coaching their children – the children attend classes, take tests and do homework regularly, with teachers to supervise them; hence this is a recipe for student success! This recipe may work for improving student marks in a normal exam like 12th board, but it will not work for a competitive exam like IIT JEE for the following reason.

    A competitive exam tries to select the best; usually these students are self motivated and do not need 'external pressure' to make them study. What they need is a teacher who can explain the concepts well, and show them the right direction. This is where our online course helps – the course material to a large extent is prepared by the founder, an IIT alumnus, who is keen to impart quality education in Science and Mathematics. A classroom course offered by a large institute cannot guarantee the quality of all its teachers. Also, an online course can be more succinct and precise in its explanation, since each idea is expressed after much thought. The student can cover it at a pace that he/she is comfortable with – a classroom session can be slow for some, and fast for others.

    Last but not the least; a classroom course requires more resources - teachers, classrooms, teaching aids etc. which make it costly. It is not uncommon to find classroom courses that are 10 to 20+ times as expensive as the course that we offer.

  5. What is the role of parents in classroom coaching, and your online coaching?

    A classroom course or a regular school has a report card, and occasional parent teacher meetings to update the parent on how their child is doing. For us, the medium of communication is online. As a parent, you should login to the site at least once a month to see how your child has done in the assignments and tests.

    If your child has done well, appreciate and encourage them. If you think they need to improve, understand more about their study habits - their interest level, the amount of effort, whether they can explain what they have studied; taking into account their intrinsic capabilities. In case you have some significant feedback for us, please send us an email.

  6. What computer infrastructure do I need to access your course?

    To access online content, a reasonable speed (512 kbps or more) Internet connection is required. Any broadband or 3G connection will satisfy this requirement. You must have a modern browser with Adobe Flash plugin installed on a laptop or desktop (we expect the content to be compatible with any display device of resolution 1024 x 768 pixels or higher). Also Adobe PDF Reader is required for some content like 'Sample Lessons'.