Our primary aim is to teach Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at the Class 11 and 12 level, in the best possible way, keeping it as clear, accurate and concise as possible. Though there is substantial overlap in the syllabus of various boards and entrance exams, there will always be some difference. Our course content is completely aligned with IIT JEE-Advanced syllabus, which implies that the main content of NCERT textbooks is covered, often at greater depth to meet the needs of IIT JEE. We offer two courses (Distance Learning Programs (DLP)):

  • Two year course for JEE Main and Advanced for students going from Class X to Class XI (currently open for admission).

  • One year course for JEE Main and Advanced for students going from Class XI to Class XII (will be available only from 2016).

Both courses have the same lesson content, which covers the complete IIT JEE-Advanced syllabus. The tests and assignments for the one year course has fewer problems, to fit into the shorter timeframe. The duration of online access is for the course period.

The course will have lessons similar to the sample material for IIT JEE, the main difference being that other lessons have more examples. For the sample lessons too, more examples are included as separate lessons, available when you subscribe to our course. The content has been developed with great care, so it should make complete sense if you read it carefully. It is highly suitable for self study for the interested, above-average student.

The main lessons are available in printed form, so you can read them without a computer, and you have something useful to retain, after you have completed the course. We believe our lessons will be amongst the finest technical books that you will read in your life, and we expect them to be useful in the future, when you want to refresh basic concepts quickly and effectively. However the assignments and tests are available online only, for the duration of the course.

NCERT textbooks omit proofs for various concepts. Though some of this is justified, since the proof is beyond high school level, there are many places where the proof is simple, and will add to the understanding of the subject. So we develop proofs wherever possible because this is what distinguishes mathematics and science from subjects like law and history. As a student, you should understand and appreciate the deductive reasoning embodied in these proofs, otherwise what you learn will be a collection of disjoint facts. Therefore, along with remembering the end results, you should have an idea of the proof in mind, so that you appreciate the relationship between the various concepts.