Our address is:

SCIMS Academy,
546, 13th Main, 23rd Cross,
Sector-7, HSR Layout,
Bangalore 560 102.

Email: support@scimsacademy.com

Phone: (0)9483503688

If you have any queries about our course or admission, feel free to call us, or send us an email. If our line is engaged, or you do not receive an answer, please SMS 'SCIMS Admission query' to the above number, and we will call you back on your cell.

For students only

Send your queries via email, from the communication email-id mentioned in the enrolment form. In the email body, the first two lines should be:
Name: Your name
Student ID: Your student ID

Send non-subject related queries to the email-id mentioned for this purpose, in our subscription mail.

For a subject related query, frame the mail as given above. Then follow the below instructions:

  1. Only doubts related to the material provided by us (lessons, assignments and tests), will be answered.
  2. When you have a doubt, read the relevant material CAREFULLY. Sometimes, you may have to read a few pages ahead to get the full picture. Try to think and reason out yourself.
  3. If you cannot think of an answer, ask your doubt providing the relevant details. For example, for a lesson related doubt, mention the lesson and page number; and for a test or assignment doubt, mention the assignment / test and problem number. Then phrase your question as clearly as possible.
  4. Send the mail to the email-id mentioned for this purpose, in the subscription mail.

The above process may change, so please check this page once in a while, to keep yourself updated.