The 2015 Student Enrolment Form has relevant details (including FEE info), which you must read carefully. The main points are mentioned below.

Available course (Distance Learning Program (DLP))

Two year course for IIT JEE 2017 (duration from Jun 2015 to May 2017). Last date for admission is Aug 10, 2015.

Admission Criteria

You must have passed Class X board exam with a minimum of 50% in English and 70% in Maths and Science. If Class X board results are not available, then use Class X pre-board AND Class IX final results.

Services offered

  1. Mandatory component: Printed lessons, online assignments and tests for the course duration. The lessons are similar to the sample material with more examples, and are aligned to IIT JEE-Advanced syllabus. Assignments and tests will consist of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), for which full solutions will be available ONLINE. The availability of online material is spread over time; as time passes, more of the lessons, assignments and tests will be available, and the complete material will be available around Sep 2016.
  2. Optional component: Email clarification of queries pertaining to our course material. Click here for details. We believe that our lessons are suitable for self study for the above-average, interested student. So the decision for subscribing to this, is really up to you. Use the Subscription Change form to add this component later to your initial subscription.

Apart from our sample lessons, the FAQs, Vision and other parts of the website may interest you.

If you have further doubts, please do NOT hesistate to contact us.